Vintage old school band-aid clear bandages band aid tin case from the 90's.
Vintage turquoise or teal colored old school bottle of Avon Skin So Soft moisturizer lotion.
Vintage old school bottle of Sea Breeze astringent for sensitive skin
Vintage old school Excedrin extra strength headache medicine expired tablets.
Vintage expired di-delamine antihistamine first aid antiseptic gel.
Vintage old school blue bottle of Finesse extra hold hair spray.
Vintage old school Johnson & Johnson's Kids No More Tangles in yellow spray bottle.
Vintage old school bottle of Simply Saline nasal mist.
Vintage expired 1997 CVS brand glycerin laxative suppositories tablets.
Vintage container of Clearasil pore cleansing pads.
Vintage spray bottle of Ozium glycol-ized air sanitizer.
Vintage old school black and red bottles of TRESemme hair products like TRES Gelee  European Extra Hold Styling Gel and TRES Spray European Super Hold Sculpting Spritz.
Effervescent denture cleanser tablets.
Sebastian Shaper hair spray.
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