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Outward View, v1

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Outward View, v1

Portrait-format print taken along the Hai Van Pass in Vietnam, on Epson Premium Semimatte archival paper. 

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Looking beyond the coastline, it's easy to feel small, as if you're looking beyond oneself completely. We must look beyond ourselves and the Capitalist, rugged Individualist, overtly racist society we've been brainwashed to blindly participate in (in America, at least) in order to see that our neighbors - black, indigenous & people of color - are calling on the world for help, to show that their lives matter. Their house is on fire. It is those who have a several lack of self awareness who refuse to answer the call - our current administration, and anyone continuing to defend the Oppressor - those who call out "all lives" or "blue lives" matter, which don't exist, because accepting that role in society and wearing that uniform is an active choice.

To support the movement for black lives, we must not only be anti-racist, but also anti-capitalist, anti-establishment, and anti-hate. Most importantly, as non-BIPOC, it is our responsibility to consistently fund organizations working to dismantle racist systems both domestically and worldwide.

100% of proceeds from purchasing this print will be donated directly to Black Lives Matter -

Please inquire with me directly if you'd like a different size :)

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