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Rolling, v2

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Rolling, v2

Portrait-format print on high quality lustre paper - close to a matte finish with medium sheen.

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In southeast Asia, I crashed my motorbike a few times. Being a woman alone in a place unfamiliar to me, with a language I didn't speak, especially wounded after an accident, made me feel uneasy at times. I eventually got used to it, especially thanks to the kindness of strangers, and hearing stories of how cheap and easy it was to receive medical care. A woman working at a restaurant put iodine on my bleeding elbow one day and bandaged me up - and we couldn't speak a word of the other's language. Something I still can't wrap my head around in my own country is how so many women still have to deal with the uneasiness of not having accessible and affordable healthcare, namely abortions, in their hometowns. 

50% of proceeds from this purchase will be donated to Planned Parenthood -

Please inquire with me directly if you'd like a different size :)

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