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Sunny Days Ahead, v1

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Sunny Days Ahead, v1
Landscape-format print on Epson Premium Semimatte archival paper. Will be printed with a ~1/4" white border around the edges for matte framing unless otherwise noted (email me).

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I took this image while employed at Tentrr - a company where the CEO tactlessly asked me within my first several weeks of working there, in a car full of my coworkers, if I "was a lesbian."  The split-second decision I faced in that moment, of how to answer his question, was palpable - how should I answer? With truth, or by educating my brand new (and likely drunk) CEO that it was none of his business? My female-identifying coworkers in the back of the car chatted cattily, "She's not gay! Why would you ask her that?" But he persisted. "I just want to know if she likes women! What's the big deal?"
LGBTQ-identifying people should face zero pressures in the workplace to disclose their sexual preferences to their coworkers, let alone their higher-ups. I was eventually "terminated for cause" from Tentrr after many head-butting moments with my CEO, without given proper reason. There were 2 other staff members let go from Tentrr shortly after me, one openly LGBTQ-identifying, and one that had been mentioned in the car by my former coworkers in the back as "definitely gay."

15% of the proceeds from the sales of this print will be donated to New York's Legal Aid Society, an organization of legal experts fighting to bring justice to all New Yorkers seeking it, including the LGBTQ community, without financial barriers - an organization I probably should have called to help get me through this scenario when it happened -

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