3D rendering of a sun over a desert landscape created with Blender.

i came up with the concept for and directed the execution of the initial "branding" and strategic initiative behind how a massive global agency could sell highly coveted mainframe cloudification technology to the world's largest financial institutions, ahead of others.

the goal? convince corporations to move their data storage from antiquated mainframe tech to cloud storage.
the challenges? security risks, length of the journey, initial cost investment, fear of change.

final version

this effort would hinder one side of our client's business, hence the secrecy, however my intention was to tell the story that cloud-futures are energy-saving, cost-saving, and lucrative -- therefore the benefits outweighed the drawbacks. i lead a team of 2 designers and 1 3D generalist to define the look, feel, and name of this newly formed cloud technology (decades in the making), while writing and visualizing the story to help sell this innovative product.

next, you'll find moving and still renderings of our final concept, "eclipsing on mainframe," mockups & moodboards, and an email invitation i wrote that went out to client account leads at major corporations, to draw them into learning more about the journey of cloudification. these renderings would be dispersed throughout marketing materials and presentations guided by c-suite level tech executives at one of the world's leading consulting firms.

so, are you ready to get cloud-ified?

landscape exploration

B2B copywriting for technology and finance industries.

b2b sales invitation

initial mood board

mainframe "state change" exploration

preliminary mockup for client approval  

terrain exploration


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