Tentrr; Director of Visual Content


(Photo by me)

1. Bike-Shires

I commissioned photographer Keith E. Morrison to follow a group of cyclists along a bike route in New England, booking 3 Tentrr campsites over 3 nights, to capture what it would be like to use Tentrr for the most eco-friendly of weekend getaways. It certainly took some logistics and creative planning to pull this off, but I believe the end result, posted on the Tentrr blog, was well worth it. My role: research, outreach, creative strategy, creative briefing, logistics, remote-production, image curation. Photos by Keith E. Morrison.

2. California Site Launch

When launching campsites on the west coast for the first time, we asked ourselves the question, what would these sites look like in comparison to those on the east? I created an entirely new interior design guide for Tentrr's west coast launch, commissioned a photographer as well as stylist, and produced shoots remotely as these sites were revealed to the U.S. My role: research/outreach, creative planning, style guide creation, remote production, third party vendor liaison, creative direction, image curation. Photos shot by Jake Pierce & styled by Charlotte Harrison Wright, Los Angeles.

3. Jim Bachor: An NYC Scavenger Hunt

We commissioned guerrilla pothole-mosaic artist Jim Bachor to design "woodland creatures" in NYC potholes across boroughs as a stunt to draw attention to creatures you may come across during your stay at Tentrr campsite. I brought photographer Sasha B onto the team to shoot Jim in action, and also keep watch. My role: commissioning Sasha B Photo, image selection, content writing :)

4. Tentrr Brand Tags

I brought art director Rodney Hazard on board to design mock print & OOH campaigns with various brand tags for Tentrr to see what things could look like for the startup's first big marketing campaign, which didn't yet hold a name. Rodney and I worked together using some photos I had commissioned and some stock imagery, in combination what my internal team and I had developed marketing-wise for the brand so far to come up with these designs. My role: creative direction, photo selection, brand development.

5. Spark Party

The producers behind Sleep No More put together an immersive farmland experience as a PR stunt for Tentrr, bringing 150 press, influencers and guests in school buses to a giant Tentrr-infused party on a private farm. I was very new to the company at the time and knew it would need to be captured, so I sit back, and photographed it for the Tentrr blog. My role: photography.

6. Photos, Various

To be the best Visual Content Director I could be, despite being the Worst Camper Ever, I visited many Tentrr campsites and slept overnight at several, shooting lots of photos along the way. I commissioned dozens of photographers to shoot campsites along certain guidelines that I created, but rather than sharing theirs, I'll share my own. These images were used across Tentrr's website, marketing campaigns, social media and blog.

7. Social Content

Please see below for a messy slide about how I took over Tentrr's Instagram account after our Social Manager quit.

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