Coca Cola Transformation Team

Creative Director

Coca Cola came to WMX with a mission to highlight the transformational nature that music can have on young folks today, as part of their Taste the Track 2.0 platform. In my research, I learned that among young people, music and its lyrics together have the power to produce feelings and emotions that change perception. Therefore, when used as an instrument of change, music and lyrics can positively enhance relationships, reinforce identity patterns, and improve the overall quality of life.

I developed the concept Transformation Team, a one-day "boot camp" for hardworking, young, pop or latin artists, where they would be mentored for a day by the President of A&R at Warner Records, Steve-O Carless. Topics covered would include songwriting, stage style, mixing, and more, taught with a goal in mind of ongoing transformation (rather than a means to an end). We put out an open call for artists to apply, and selected 3 to be a part of the program. At the end of the intensive, artists performed a solo show on UPROXX's exclusive music performance channel, The Eye.

Watch the full playlist of videos here.

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