SARA WASS studio

july 2020; i transformed my living room into a mini studio in collaboration with Precious Baby. the creative director and myself [remotely] strategized different objects that i could arrange & hand-build into numbers 0-9 to represent a baby's birth month [or year], which would then be uploaded into the app to use as a milestone in a photograph.

i remotely produced the project during the peak of the pandemic, working with local shop owners to find photogenic donuts, flowers, etc., shooting the objects & post-processing the images in adobe programs as JPEG images & designing them as transparent PNGs, which would then become "stickers" - owning this project logistically & creatively from start to finish.

the flower arrangements were the biggest challenge, but by far my favorite. i chose eucalyptus as my base, & used clear fishing line to bend & gently tie the ends together, forming rounded numbers. i used lavender roses & sunflowers as accents.

other objects included donuts (very sticky and not camera-friendly), tiny baby socks, miniature stuffed animals, colorful shower loofahs, and some other objects you can find in the Precious Baby app :) throughout this page you can see before/after photos and isolated PNG images of numbers.

the Precious Baby app uses AI to select your "best baby photos," cropping your baby out of the image & inserting them into the app's templates. i attempted to use images of myself here using the app, while the previous templated images i created using photoshop:

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