I was commissioned by Curated to take portraits of 11 individualized experts across 3 states (Colorado, Arizona, and California). I traveled to 11 different cities (in 12 days) to photograph each expert in their home towns or in destinations they have a connection to. Subjects varied in expertise, from ski/snowboarding to cooking, golfing, and cycling.

Our aim was to capture both portraits and lifestyle images of each expert in a comfortable environment, without stylists, HMU, or any additional crew. I directed experts (not models) in those environments, and here's the result.

Portrait of snowboarder Mike Leighton wearing a helmet and an orange jacket in Colorado.

Mike Leighton, Snowboard Expert. Breckenridge, CO

Family portrait photography showing a mom and two kids on a ski mountain next to a chair lift in Colorado.

Stephanie (and family), Snowboard Expert. Aspen, CO

A family having a snowball fight in Aspen, Colorado.

Kat Miller, Snowboard Expert. Copper Mountain, CO

Snowboarder Kat Miller loading her snowboard into the back of a truck in Frisco, Colorado.

Alvin, Golf Expert. Tuscon, AZ

Sports photography of a male golfer in Arizona.
Golf portrait of Alvin from Curated in Tuscon.

John, Cooking Expert. Sebastopol, CA

A nonbinary cyclist photographed in front of a ski mountain in Colorado.

Leo, Cycling and Skiing Expert. Golden, CO

Detail photography of a bicycle.

Frankie, Snowboard Expert. Red Rocks, CO

Family portrait photography of a man and his dog in Red Rocks, Colorado.
Ski and Snowboard photography portrait of a woman in Colorado.

Charlotte, Ski Expert (and teacher). Lakewood, CO

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