Hidden Hoi An: investigating an abandoned water park in hue

VICE: The Peculiar Sadness of Going to a Music Festival Alone, & accompanying photo story

Bullish.News: investigating how mercury retrograde can impact the stock market

Bullish.News: investigating how lunar cycles impact the stock market

NYC DSA: Won’t the Rich Leave? Myths and Facts About Capital Flight

Rent Guidelines Board: i publicly testified on behalf of the met council on housing for why rent-stabilized leases should not be allowed to increase annually due to the pandemic in 2020

Medium: i wrote about mailing a hand-written letter to a guy i had a one-nighter with

Rafael Espinal for NYC: website redesign + rewrite of most policy points before he ran for public advocate

bio for Rafael Espinal (former NYC councilman)

one example of a policy point: nightlife in NYC

Medium: My brief take on why smart people found January's insurrection tragically hilarious

Bushwick Daily: Weekend Disposable with QUALIATIK, a concept by me

Bushwick Daily: Weekend Disposable with Ma Sha; a concept by me

GAP x Skyhour: branded copywriting; please inquire for link

ICON Collective Music School: using my journalism chops to explain how to write a successful artist bio

AWAL: researching piece on how gen z finds music these days

AWAL: explaining to musical artists how to tell fans they've been added to a popular playlist without sounding conceited

NOISEY: interviewing a popular EDM DJ when i was 21

AWAL: explaining how to use apple music connect for artists

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