A COVID-19 Response for the NYC Mayor's Office

Creative and Design Production

In early 2020, Mayor De Blasio put out a call to Edelman's Content Studio to find a solution to unite New Yorkers in their response to a novel global pandemic. Our team came up with #NYCwill - a campaign describing how NYC "will" get through this - showcasing a tone of care, authority, and inspiration.

Evoking the spirit of the city, our graphic and print/OOH design proposal included a full-bleed newsletter to New Yorkers. digital and standard subway ads featuring bold type and custom, gentle illustration, and engaging social content - all centered around 3 main pillars: Inform, Act, Heal.

The first batch of slides are from the initial presentation, while the final 3 slides are from a secondary . We improved upon color - finding more serious, earth tones - while adding more diversity in illustration, plus a photography treatment.

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